”Make Everything Possible!” is the driving force behind Longan Yue’s everyday operations, and “Customer Satisfaction First” leads our service full of energy.

Longan Yue Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 1976 and extended factories in Shanghai, China in 1996.


We have experience of manufacturing fasteners & hardware near 40 years in this field. We can manufacture the highest quality products by the most economical processing ways.

 Longan Yue specialize in manufacture of material in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy copper, aluminum...etc. All our products are tested by the third notarization party and comply with RoHS directive adopted environmental standard. 

Longan Yue offers various fasteners & hardware especially in electronics industries including screws, washers, nuts, standoffs, pins, rivets...and any customer-made products to fit what the customers need. 

  • Organized, planned, long-term implementation of quality control.
  • Will manufacture the most high-quality products according to customer requirements toward the most economic conditions.
  • Strive for customer trust, and seek the development of the company's business.
  • Strive to ‘Quality First, Customer Supremely’ the highest purpose.